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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Save the Planet, Be Green”? Our planet has been around for about 4.5 billion years. The Earth has seen meteoroid strikes, super volcanoes, and even dinosaur poop. What an ignorant people we must be to think that we are going to destroy our planet in a few short decades. The expression people mean to say is, “Save Us”. No matter what we do the Earth will always still be here, short a few really stupid things. The key is that we want to make a livable and a comfortable place for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

The topic of being green is really wide and perhaps even misunderstood. So what is being green and how does it save us? The number one thing that comes to people mind is to stop global warming. We have all heard that global warming it is fake and never going to happen. This is not true, global warming is happening, now the debate of it being a natural cycle maybe valid. However, us as humans burning the fossil fuel and destroying foliage has definitely had an effect of the balance of green house gases and thereby affecting our planet’s temperature.

How can I help without running off and joining a commune and living in a hut made out of poop? Don’t jump all at once to change everything about your life for the sake of being green. Take small steps to help improve the environments. Start by looking at your daily routine. Do I drive a jacked up truck and blow smoke out my tail pipe ever five minutes, do I turn on the furnace and then open a window, do I leave lights on when I am not at home? By identifying and correcting your most environmentally damaging habits can really go a long way.

Just remember what you choose to do, do it trying to save us and not the planet!

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